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Opticon Ltd.



Authorized Dealer of The Best Luxury
Designer and Famous Brands

since 1980

Opticon Ltd established since 1980’s, at the beginning our main business was contact lens and contact lens solution, only small sector in optical field, since 1983 we started to expand optical department, as the owner during that time is German, so most of the distribution from Germany, e.g. Cazal, Nigura, Manrad, Jaguar, Jil Sander, Davidoff, Brendel.

1993 - We started import different kind of product, more fashion  and design, e.g.               Robert Rudger, FrançoisPinto,  Koure, Brendo.

1996 - IDC, JF Ray, Beausoliel, Murucci.

1998 - Minima,

2000 – Prodesign 

2002 – Chrome Hearts, Paul Frank, Koali.

2007 – Sonia Rykiel, Nina Ricci

2012 – Matsuda, Masaki, Sospiri, BMW

2013 – Superdry, Frost

2014 – I.S.P.I.C, Kenzo

2015 – Face a Face, Katherine Hamnett, and Aston Martin

We carry products diversify, it divided into 3 different categories, Designer brand, Fashion brand,  Luxury brand.

2010   we established company in Taiwan.

2012 we established company in Shanghai.


Our business covered Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand as well.


Opticon Ltd.

—  Profilo  

—  History 

—  History 

—  Since 1980 

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