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DARIO MARTINI  high quality spectacles, elegant, 100% made in Italy, designed for the most demanding man and woman.

The brilliance of the original SWAROVSKI crystal that adorn the Dario Martini models gives a different light to the face of every woman.

Dario Martini , born in 1955, took his diploma at the Istituto Giorgio Cini on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, in the Venice, After two years working with an eye wear company, he set up his own business producing moulds and small parts for spectacles. After ten years, he decided to move on to the production of finished metal spectacle frames and, after attending various courses in design, he created the collection that bears his own name, thus highlighting his creativeness.


His creations are real jewels that exploit the light and colors of original Swarovski crystal.

One might say that, having spent most of his lift in the world of eye wear, Dario Maritini now 'speaks spectacles fluently' . Even today, when he gets inspired, maybe when he's having a day off, he does not hesitate to set to work, designing the lastest Dario Martini model 

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